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Image by Nathan Dumlao


A quick browse on Instagram with the search "MotorYacht" and you'll see just how many yachts out there have their own pages. Media on yachts has gone from nearly no one to almost everyone. Now the challenge for them is to stand out. 

Working as a crew member and producing media is quite possibly the toughest two roles to combine. You will not have endless time to capture amazing content, so time management and knowing how and what to capture properly is key. There is no greater feeling than seeing the reaction from the guests of the media you created. We talking, larger tips and return clients. 

"Ocean Air Training Academy" is about to become real! 

Let us show you how to produce amazing media while on the run. What the best settings are for multiple cameras, how to capture high quality visuals with what you have and most importantly how to launch and retrieve drones while at sea, SAFELY!

We also teach you the best and easiest ways to combine all the media into one file and to send it to us if it is needed to be professionally edited.

We can manage your vessels social media pages to assist with additional exposure and ultimately help book more charters. Or we can train you on how to put basic edits together yourself. 

The "Ocean Air Training Academy" can be done onboard your vessel or just for you as an individual with a group of other like minded creators. 

Sign up below for more information or reach out about training onboard your vessel. 

Individual training camps open soon.

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