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cross oceans with us

Participate as a company as we daily document Atlantic crossings on a range of vessels. Position your brand in front of millions of viewers as we explore cruising grounds. 

Yachts have two options.

Cover all costs for the ultimate exposure package or allow me to allocate sponsors. This is where you come in.

not your normal shoot...

Yachts have the opportunity to build a great deal of vessel hype before arriving at their new cruising ground. Each episode has the potential to reach a conservative estimate of 30 000 - 50 000 views per video. These numbers are usually much much higher though. 

Due to the planning, the daily quantity of footage needed for each episode and the fact that these shoots can sometimes last weeks, yachts may share the load of the production costs with specific sponsors. 

The attached brief to follow will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the benefits and how you can get involved. 

download the overview

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